our targets

Our goals for remote training:
Distance training includes many goals to provide an appropriate alternative for people who are not allowed to enroll in training courses outside their workplace, and among the goals that can be achieved through distance training are the following:

1. Exempting trainees from mobility difficulties and adhering to a specific time or place by providing the service at any place and time to them.

2. Making the training more flexible and liberating it from the complex constraints where the training takes place without the presence of temporal and spatial obstacles such as having to travel, but we reach you wherever you are.

3. Achieve justice in training opportunities, and make training a common right for all.

4. Reducing the cost of training and making it accessible to every member of our Arab community in proportion to his capabilities and in line with his preparations.

5. Contributing to raising the cultural, scientific and social level of members of the Arab community.

6. Work on training and continuing education.

7. Make remote training a pleasure worth experimenting with and living with it in order to achieve an integrated building of your capabilities and skills.